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Changchun Travel Guide


Changchun is located in the northeast of China, the geographical center of the northeast. It has a poetic name: “Spring City of Northern Kingdom”,because its urban greening rate is in the forefront of Asia's major cities. Changchun is the central city of Northeast Asia economic circle, bordering Songyuan, Siping, Jilin and Harbin. It is a famous old industrial base, the earliest automobile industrial base and film production base in China.

Changchun is a famous historical and cultural city in China. It used to be the capital of Manchuria. It has many historical sites, industrial heritage and cultural relics.

The earliest history of Changchun can be traced back to the Paleolithic age 40000 years ago, when the primitive human "Yushu people" appeared in Changchun. In the Neolithic age, there were sites of primitive textile technology and primitive agriculture.

Before the Yuan Dynasty, Changchun was occupied by ethnic minorities in the north. Only in the Yuan Dynasty did Changchun have a formal administrative division and clear jurisdiction.

In modern times, Changchun Department (an administrative system) was formally formed and divided into the jurisdiction of Jilin Province.

After the liberation of Changchun in 1948, Changchun was renamed Changchun special city. In 1954, Changchun officially became the capital city of Jilin Province.

Basic Information
Dialing code: (+86) 0431
Zip code: 130000
Area: Changchun has an area of 20593 square Kilometres
Main attractions in Changchun:
Population: about 10 Million

Changchun is one of the central cities and important industrial bases in Northeast China. It has 7 districts, 87 streets, 30 townships and 57 towns, with a total area of 20593.5 square kilometers.

Changchun is located in Songliao plain, the hinterland of Northeast China Plain. It is adjacent to Songyuan City in the northwest, Siping City in the southwest, Jilin City in the southeast and Harbin City in Heilongjiang Province in the northeast. It is the natural geographical center of Northeast China.

Changchun belongs to the temperate continental humid climate type. Although the East and the south are not far from the ocean, they will be less affected by the summer monsoon due to the block of Changbai Mountains; The West and the north side are dominated by plains, which are dry and windy in spring, warm and short in summer, sunny and warm in autumn, cold and long in winter. The annual average temperature is 4.6 ?, the highest temperature in history can reach 40 ?, and the lowest temperature since 1951 is - 36.5 ? in 1970. The annual precipitation is 600-700mm, the frost free period is 140-150 days, and the freezing period is 5 months.

Public City Transportation
As Changchun is an industrial city, there is no lack of busy traffic and various modes of transportation. Changchun has 6 subway lines, the largest number of taxis in China, and 300 bus lines.

Background of public city transportation
In 1914, Zou Xiaoting, a businessman from Changchun, founded the first automobile transportation company in Changchun, and purchased two Chrysler 8-seater cars for car rental service;

During 1915, many businessmen applied for the establishment of automobile business;

In 1927, a businessman applied for the establishment of Xingbu automobile business; 

In 1935, Xinjing Transportation Co., Ltd. was established by the Japanese.

Changchun has 3 highways, 5 expressways and 3 bus stations. There are 5 railway stations, including 3 high-speed railway stations. There is only one airport: Changchun Jialong airport, with 150 domestic routes and 73 navigable cities. Besides domestic routes, Changchun is also an important transportation hub in East Asia. The transportation in all directions is the premise for Changchun to develop its industry.

Changchun has 4 national 5A level scenic spots and 12 4A level scenic spots. Changchun is one of the first batch of excellent tourism cities in China and one of the top ten Snow tourism cities in China. Famous scenic spots are as below: Jingyue Pool,Puppet Emperor's Palace,World Sculpture Park,Pumen Temple,Eight Departments of Manchukuo,Lotus Mountain Ski Resort, Changchun Confucian Temple,ect.

What to see in Changchun

Jingyue Pool
Jingyue Pool is located in the southeast of Changchun City, 18 kilometers away from the city center. With a total area of 96.38 km and a water area of 5.3 km2, Jingyue Pool was originally built for urban water supply. It is named for its lake like a crescent moon. It is a sister lake with Taiwan's Riyue Pool. It is one of the "eight sceneries of Jilin".


Puppet Emperor's Palace
The Puppet Emperor's Palace was the official office of Jihei Transport Bureau, which managed the salt affairs of Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces during the period of the Republic of China. In 1932, with the support of the Japanese, the last emperor of China, Puyi, became the leader of Manchuria. When he moved here, it became the Manchuria government, also known as "puppet government".


World Sculpture Park
The world sculpture park is located in the south of Renmin Street. It is a theme park that integrates contemporary sculpture art and shows the world's sculpture art schools. It is a modern urban sculpture park that integrates natural landscape and human landscape.


Eight Departments of Manchukuo
The "Eight Major Departments" are the governing bodies of the puppet Manchukuo. Namely, the Ministry of Public Security (the Ministry of military affairs), the Ministry of justice, the Ministry of economy, the Ministry of communications, the Ministry of agriculture, the Ministry of culture and education, the Ministry of foreign affairs and the Ministry of people's livelihood. These political institutions, together with the Puppet State Council and the comprehensive law office (judicial and procuratorial organ), were built near Xinmin Street in Changchun, forming a building complex centered on the geological palace.


Lotus Mountain Ski Resort
Lotus Mountain Ski Resort is the closest to the city center, integrating competition and tourism, and the largest integrated ski resort in Changchun. It is located in Qingshan village, Changchun City. It can reach the snow field in 30 minutes by car, only 20 kilometers away from Changchun International Airport, with extremely convenient transportation.


Top Changchun Tours

Incredible One Day Jilin Changchun Classic City Tour
The_Palace_of_Puppet_Emperor.jpgHighlight:Make the best of your sightseeing time to enhance your visit in Jilin by taking a one day private city tour to explore the top highlights of Changchun. Follow your tour guide, visit China's only purpose-built meteorite museum - Jilin Meteorite Museum, take a leisure stroll on Songjiang Middle Road to enjoy the stunning river view, and witness the history of how Japanese Imperialism took the northeast of China by force at the late Qing Dynasty.

Best Changchun City Highlights Day Tour
Changchun.jpgHighlight:This is a full- guided day tour in Changchun city, the capital city of Jilin Province. Explore the major attractions of Changchun during the tour with a hassle free tour service to visit the tourist sites like Puppet Emperor's Palace, Changchun World Sculpture Park and Changchun Culture Square, you can learn about the city’s tumultuous history from an informative local guide. You will experience Changchun’s rich history and culture on this all-day excursion and make the most of limited time with convenient hotel pickup and drop-off.

Northeast China Travel: 6 Days Harbin, Jilin, Changchun & Shenyang High-speed Train Tour
Jilin_Songhua_Lake.jpgHighlight:6 Days Northest China Tour to visit the famous tourist cities such as Harbin, Jilin, Changchun, Shenyang by high speed train ride is an ideal travel plan for first-time traveller to visit northeast china, the tour gives an great opportunity to enjoy the charming winter landscape and learn the Manchu culture of China. Accompanied by our professional local tour guide and experience the China fast-speed train between those cities.  

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